The exhibit "Seeking Freedom in 19th-Century America" was developed from the resources and collections of The Newton History Museum at the Jackson Homestead and displayed at the museum from 2004 to 2006.

The Jackson Homestead is a documented site on the Underground Railroad. Here you can find a permanent exhibit on abolition, anti-slavery activity, and the Underground Railroad. The museum offers tours and programs for individuals and groups.

For further study on these subjects see this list of resources, which includes multi-media materials, Web sites, and books for adults and children.

The Newton History Museum thanks the following people and organizations for their assistance in the development and creation of "Seeking Freedom in 19th-Century America"

Exhibit Development
Sheila Sibley, Curator of Objects and Education

Sheila Sibley, Currator of Objects and Education
Susan Abele, Curator of Manuscripts and Photographs
Kathry Grover, independent scholar
Susan Bowditch, independent scholar
Jim Gindlesperger, independent scholar
Elizabeth Marzouli, Reference Archivist, Massachusetts Archives

Exhibit Planning Committee
Sheila Sibley, Curator of Objects and Education
David Olson, Director
Kenneth Greenberg, History Department Chair, Suffolk University
Beverly Morgan-Welch, Director, Museum of Afro-American History
Stephen Oliver, Exhbition Designer

Collections Donors
AFRITERRA Foundation (
Virginia Gray
Laura B. Fewkes
Florence Bacon
Stanley M. Kingsbury
Eleanor F. Kingsbury

Lending Individuals
Rev. Howard Haywood
Karen Haywood

Exhibit Design
Stephen Oliver

Web Exhibit Design and Creation
David DeJean

Editorial Assistance
Thelma Fleishman
Sheila Donahure
Charles Donahue
Gary Tarnowski
Eleanor Mish

Exhibit Construction and Installation
Sheila Sibley, Curator of Objects and Education
Susan Abele, Curator of Manuscripts and Photographs
David Olson, Director
Stephen Oliver, Exhibition Deisgner

Graphic and Image Design
David Olson, Director
Stephen Oliver, Exhibition Designer
Deborah Drummond

Image and Information Resources
Ohio Historical Society
The Bostonian Society
Massachusetts Historical Society
Myrtle Baptist Church
Archives of Maryland Online
Maryland State Archives
Maryland Historical Society, Maryland Memory Projects
Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress
The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record
Africa Focus, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Historic Millburn Community Association, Inc.
U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
U.S. Naval Historical Center, Department of the Navy
Black Sailors Research Project, Howard University
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System, National Park Service

Financial support provided by