Summer Internship Reference

The Mayor’s Summer High School Internship Program is a six-week program for students in grades 9-12 who are residents of Newton or attend a Newton school (public or private). The program provides opportunities for both personal and professional development through exposure to real-life work environments and required participation in weekly workshops. The program is best suited for students who are eager to learn skills such as workplace communication, resume writing, interview skills, and many of the “soft skills” of professionalism. Students who are at-risk, disengaged, or do not have other opportunities for summer learning are encouraged to apply to this program.

While our program is open to all, we seek to provide opportunity to disconnected youth, particularly those receiving academic support, ELLs and first generation college students, students of color, students in alternative academic programs, and those from low income families. Why do you feel that this student should be accepted into the Mayor’s Summer High School Internship Program? Please identify reasons the student may benefit from the program, including specific risk factors, areas in which they could grow, etc.

What type of placement would you recommend for this student? (STEM, Healthcare, Finance/Banking, Human Services, History, Media, Art, etc.) What are their areas of particular skill or interest? Though we cannot guarantee any specific placements for students, we do take these recommendations into account.

Letters of Reference are not required for this application. If, however, you would like to provide a letter or further context to one of your answers in this application, please email Quinn Etchie, Director of Youth Services, at

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